The 40 years of Alfa 33

April 26, 2023

Forty candles to blow: Alfa 33 is turning 40 years old, and we want to celebrate it at the Museum with an article tracing its history.  

In 2023, the Alfa Romeo 33 will be 40 years old: launched in 1983, this passenger car has become a symbol of excellence in the Italian automotive industry and represented a major step forward in Alfa Romeo's history.

To celebrate her, as we often do, we decided to dedicate an article to her, taking a tour of our archive, the Cozzi.Lab.

Here we found lots of dealership documents: catalogs, photographs, color swatches.

Find out about them with director Elisabetta Cozzi, watch the video!



The Alfa Romeo 33 was designed to replace another model, the Alfasud, with the aim of offering a versatile, high-performance car at an affordable price.

The model was initially launched with a 5-door hatchback body and a 4-cylinder boxer engine, available in different displacements and power ratings. Several variants were introduced over the years, including the 33 Sport Wagon, the 33 Quadrifoglio Verde, and the 33 Permanent 4 (for true enthusiasts: the latter with all-wheel drive).

The 33 stood out among all other models because of its innovative design, overseen by Alfa Romeo's style center and Giorgetto Giugiaro's Italdesign. Clean, aerodynamic lines made it a car with a modern, sporty appearance, while the interior offered a spacious and comfortable cabin.

Production of the 33 ended in 1995, replaced by the new Alfa Romeo 145 and 146. In total, more than 950,000 were produced, a testament to the car's success in the market.

Today, 40 years after its debut, the Alfa Romeo 33 remains an icon of Italian motoring and a piece of Alfa Romeo brand history-enthusiasts know this and love to admire it at the Museum!



In short: Alfa 33 is also a model dear to the Museum, so dear that our collection includes as many as two examples!

How about coming to the Museum to see both? If you're lucky, you might even find Elisabetta Cozzi at the wheel!