Smiles live: fans and visiting clubs

28 May, 2021

At last, after the forced hiatus due to the pandemic, visits by enthusiast groups and alpha clubs to the museum are returning.

One of the most negative side effects of the Covid19 pandemic for our museum was undoubtedly the - necessary - ban on meeting in large live groups.

Stopped planes and trains, the impossibility of moving around and being together, hugging each other, may not have stopped the events (blessed be the streaming!) but they certainly stopped for a while one of the Museum's most cherished customs: the welcoming and meeting of visiting Alfa fans and Alfa Clubs .

"Hosting the Club Alfa Toulouse Museum Pyrénéesthe Alfisti la Famiglia group and the Transaxle Tour Team was a real celebration. It is not trivial to say that with these people we always, but really always, feel like one big family. Elisabetta Cozzi

True Alfetta fans: these are the boys and girls of the Transaxle Tour Team

Transaxle Tour Team

For the Museum, it is indeed essential to be able to share the beauty of the cars and the richness of the archive with people who travel dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of kilometres to meet us and see a particular car or even just a detail in person.

Passion, after all, is the beacon that guides us on our journey!

In 2021 we welcomed a few groups of enthusiasts and finally, now that we are in May 2022, we have reopened our doors to clubs and groups for good!

We started on 20 May with the Transaxle Group Teamwho also came to visit us to enjoy good food in good company: friendship, cars and gastronomy are after all always a winning trio.

"For our visit to your Collection was a really perfect Finaleof our trip to celebrate 50 years of Alfetta. In all belongings.
You told us that the spirit of Alfa Romeo is unique in the world. So it is also for us and we are very happy to see that we are not alone. I am sure to see you again in the future and we look forward to it,' said Werner, the group leader. 

All groups and clubs were provided with a gastronomic tour

Club Alfa Toulouse Pyrénées

On 26 May, we welcomed our friends from the Alfa Toulouse Pyrénées Club and took their photo in front of the star dedicated to the club on our Wall of Fame! For them too, it was a wonderful Italian-style gastronomic experience.

"Les italiens : belles femmes et belles voitures'. (and good food, we add)


Ourfriends from Club Alfa Toulouse Pyrénées also have a star on our Wall of Fame!

Alfisti, the family

Finally, on 27 May we received a visit directly from Germany from the group of 'Alfisti, the family' enthusiasts. In fact, we really felt like family with them, especially when they exclaimed as they descended the stairs: 'But this is paradise! We don't want to leave!"

For them too, a party with great food and wine!

Lots of enthusiasm for the friends of the Alfisti group, the family directly from Germany