Autodelta, a full house of emotions

March 18, 2023

Our March event sold out immediately and was then a great success: see the photos and find out how it went

"A special anniversary deserved a big celebration! The meeting at the Museum was a great success with former drivers, former workers, journalists and more than 100 enthusiasts. We were all ecstatic to listen to the testimonies of those who lived through an unforgettable period in Alfa Romeo's history."

With these words from our director Elisabetta Cozzi we close the third event of the year at the Cozzi Brothers Museum, an event that was already promising since, since its launch, it sold out in just a few days .

Autodelta is a theme that fans like, and we knew that. But even we could not have predicted the affection and enthusiasm of the Alfisti who attended to hear the stories of the drivers and those who, over time, really wrote the history of Alfa Romeo's Fast Wing.

Speaking about the history of Alfa Romeo's racing department were., interviewed by Massimo and Giuseppe Colombo: Gippo Salvetti of Alfa Blue Team, driver Bruno Giacomelli, Andrea Cajani of Scuderia del Portello, driver Leo Pittoni and driver Fulvio Maria Ballabio, interviewed, however, by the editor and publisher of Profumo di Alfa, Mario Fontana.

A successful day, also thanks to the organization and cooperation of Andrea Vecchi of the Alfa Club Milano.

It should also be mentioned that the special opening on the occasion of Museocity - Secret Museum was made even more special by two surprises.

First, we had the pleasure of presenting the new issue of Alfa's Scent magazine together with its editor, Mario Fontana.

Finally, guests in addition to admiring a Giulia GTA 1300 junior by Carlo Marietti on display were also able to see up close an Alfa Romeo speedboat belonging to the Larian Boat Museum-a much-appreciated loan.

The year 2023 certainly looks to be a great year for events at the Museum!


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