bicycles legnano, a success on 2 WHEELS

Oct. 14, 2022

good the second one! after the 2021 event dedicated to velca, bicycles legnano also returns to make the city dream again

Many years have passed since the Legnano green-colored bicycles sped through the city, on board the workers and laborers who reached and left the factory, pedaling along the Olona River.

Today the history, design and world of two-wheelers of Biciclette Legnano comes to life again thanks to the exhibition "Ovunque è Legnano, from Legnano to the world on two wheels," which ended on Oct. 3 and was created at the behest of theFriends of Museo Fratelli Cozzi association with journalist Paolo Girotti and thanks to the support and work of numerous local entities: the Ticino Olona Community Foundation, Ugo Colombo Hombre Vertical association, U.S. Legnanese 1913 and the City of Legnano.

Needless to emphasize how much emotion and participation was aroused by the bicycles on display, including those from the historic victories of Binda, Bartali and Fondriest .

"Italians have been accustomed since the Middle Ages to producing, in the shadow of bell towers, beautiful things that please the world." 

Elisabetta Cozzi began with this phrase from 20th century economic historian Carlo Cipolla to officially open the exhibition, which saw all the representatives of the associations and entities that participated in the realization of the exhibition: the president of the Ticino Olona Community Foundation, Salvatore Forte, Sports and Culture Councilor Guido Bragato, the president of U.S. Legnanese 1913, Luca Roveda, and the president of the Ugo Colombo Hombre Vertical association, Renzo Zannardi.

"We are here today in the name of corporate culture. - said Elisabetta Cozzi, director of the Museum. Italian companies still teach the world about Beauty by generating economic, social and cultural value. This is why we wanted to give space to the popular dimension of the history of Legnano bicycles, to place it side by side with the more competitive and competitive one with high-end products and victories in the sports field, to show the "historical" headquarters of a company that has contributed to carrying the name of the city far beyond the territorial boundaries. To spread the "know-how" of an entire territory as much as possible."

"The city of Legnano has been able to produce and export all over the world bicycles that have been protagonists of great victories - commented Councillor Guido Bragato. - and we are happy to be able to talk about it at this time, right on the heels of Sustainable Mobility Week: an event that enters the groove of the interventions that as an administration we are carrying out to encourage people to use two wheels."

The display included historical bicycles and evidence from partner museums as well: the Ghisallo Museum, the Binda Museum and the Nicolis Museum. And those of the La Mia Legnano Group with Gianpiero Prinzo.

Gianpiero himself told us an amusing anecdote: it seems, in fact, that Bartali's bike had the gearshift positioned close to the pedal and that Bartali was the only one who was able to maneuver it... with his calf! Skill that granted him, therefore, a certain advantage.

It also seems that the champion had a habit of having an image of Our Lady placed on the handlebars of his bicycle.

How many good stories come out of an exhibition! If you know other anecdotes about Legnano bicycles, write to us!