17 May, 2022

I'm in a hurry, I'm in a hurry / I'm running out of time, listen to me / Gino is waiting for me inside an Alfetta -Daniele Silvestri 

As present in films as in songs, Alfa Romeos have entered the collective imagination and pop culture thanks to their design and history.

The Alfetta - the saloon produced by Alfa Romeo at the Arese plant - is no different, and this is demonstrated by the tributes dedicated by magazines and enthusiasts on the occasion of its 50 years since its birth.

Half a century of Alfetta, the heir to the Giulia and the 1750s but bearing the name of the Formula 1s of the 1950s, the ones that won practically everything.

A frame from the video 'gino e l'alfetta' by daniele silvestri.

Any data? 

The Alfetta was produced in Arese between 1972 and 1984 to become the most popular new saloon among Italians and Europeans: some 475,000 examples were made, plus another 137,000 in coupé version. It was presented in Trieste on 17 May 1972 and was certainly one of the most innovative Alfa Romeos of the post-war period: it was characteristic of the brand, yes, but it still represented a decisive step forward compared to previous models. In fact, its styling marked a breakthrough and inspired subsequent productions (including the Alfa 75 and the Alfa Sud Sprint).

It remained on the market until 1984, when it was replaced by the Alfa 90. 

Square lines, without veins or creases, modern but classic with the front end featuring twin round headlights and a central shield, it was designed by the Alfa Style Centre, headed by Giuseppe Scarnati A curiosity about the name? It was inspired by the nickname with which the fans had nicknamed the Alfa Romeo 158 and 159 Formula 1 cars that won the world championship in 1950 and 1951

(Let us also not forget that the legendary Alfetta 158, the car that won the first Formula One world title, was designed by Gioachino Colombo from Legnano!).

Obviously, our museum could not miss an example of theAlfetta: in particular, the Quadrifoglio Oro version from 1983 .

We also have a saloon version and a coupe version!

From documents kept by Pietro over the years we know that the list price of the Alfetta was 2 million 441,600 lire!

So many memories and testimonies emerge from the archives of our Museum... if you have memories of the Alfetta, photographs or materials, please share them with us!

It will be an original way to shout 'Happy Birthday, Alfetta!' all together.