schools contest, vote for your favorite project

May 15, 2023

read the rules and vote for your favorite project!

At last, the project "Sustainable Mobility for Gen Z" - promoted by the Friends of Fratelli Cozzi Museum Association, thanks to the support of the Ticino Olona Community Foundation - comes to fruition!

In fact, schools in the area have turned in their projects on time, and as of now you can vote for the best project to win!

Click here, meanwhile, you can read about the early stages of the initiative and find out its goals!


Preface: you vote exclusively by clicking the red button below, at the end of the four participating schools' videos, with which you will access the voting platform.

Only one video per institution was allowed in the contest, but all videos produced will then be posted on the Museum's website and become part of the digital archive.

The voting tool will be closed on May 31, 2023 at 12 noon and the results will be announced immediately.

Votes received through different channels (social networks, email, etc.) will not be allowed.

You must log in to Google to vote, but sensitive data will not be stored or used in any way for purposes other than counting votes .

Below are the videos of the four participating schools:

  1. Carlo Dell'Acqua Institute
  2. High School of Arconate and Europe
  3. Enrico Fermi Institute
  4. Joseph Torno Institute


Click the button and participate in the survey-you can only vote once for each Google account you log in from!

Schools have confirmed that all participants or parents of the boys and girls featured in the videos have given privacy releases and that the images and music used in the projects are not copyrighted.