What they say about us: March 2022 press review 📰

31 March, 2022

The press review: an unmissable appointment month by month! 

The month of March is really full of articles and media reports about the Museum.

Whether it's due to the events or the great cultural ferment that spring brings, our press review this month is truly significant.

Once again we start with the paper: here we are on QN - IL GIORNO

Now let's move on to the web!

Let's start with the event of the month, which saw architects Oscar and Gabriele Buratti as guests for MuseoCity 2022.

They talked about it:


Sempionenews, in the post-event

QN - The Day

Also Sempionenews (thanks!) in an in-depth report

Local mind

Now a focus on women:

Motori spoke about our Woman in Power project

While our director Elisabetta attended a conference at the Fermi institute in Castellanza dedicated to female entrepreneurs: Sempionenews reported on it here

Legnanonews also wrote about it

Legnanonews also reported the news of the Museimpresa Clock

While QN - Il Giorno resumed our meeting with Active Citizenship

Finally, a treat

Here is a piece of press review from March... 1965! Coming directly from our Cozzi.Lab 🙂

Did you like the final surprise?

The next appointment with the press review is 30 April: if you want to be included, write to us!