the museum gives, the museum receives

April 17, 2022

The Museum also lives and tells history thanks to generous donors: here are the new arrivals in recent months and how the Museum will contribute to Legnano Civil Week.

One of the many wonderful sides of our Museum is its ability to tell a shared story: that of Alfa Romeo, of course, but also that of the Fratelli Cozzi dealership and, above all, that of the community, the families and the people who have brought it to life over the decades.

It is a talent, it is true, but the credit is also due to the very many donations that periodically go to make our holdings of documents, photographs, magazines and objects richer and richer. 

People know this well: donating these objects means wanting to share them with the community and become part of the Museum's own history.

In this news we collect the first donations of 2023, but not only that: we also explain how the Museum gives back "the favor" to the community with important initiatives such as, for example, Civil Week.


Let's start with the photo that makes the cover of this news: it is a small collection of Alfa Romeo-branded memorabilia that belonged to a true enthusiast, who unfortunately passed away recently. 

Still intact post it notebooks, bound agendas, Quadrifoglio issues, catalogs and publications: a very important sentimental heritage that his wife Paola wanted to donate to the Museum in memory of her husband Roberto's passion.

A gift that really moved us!


Just above, Pietro Cozzi clutches a beautiful model in his hands.

It is a faithful reproduction of the red Alfa 155 Q4 that set the speed record at Bonneville on the salt lake with Gente Motori journalist Gianni Marin. 

Another rarity that arrived at the Museum during the same period? This 1980s limited edition Cinzano sparkling wine, donated by Paolo Ferrario.


The book "The Motorization of the Guardia di Finanza" is a gift received from the person who wroteit-Lieutenant Colonel Giuseppe Furno, director of the Historical Museum of the Guardia di Finanza. Accompanying it is a very heartfelt dedication that we really appreciated.

We love collaborations with museums: this is demonstrated by the Nicolis Museum VIP card, which our friend and director Silvia Nicolis gave us!


Julian Lombard really surprised us: during his visit to the Museum, he brought for Pietro a book all about the Spider, but not only that.

There are some sections of the book where Pietro Cozzi is mentioned, along with the Cozzi Brothers Museum. This book, in fact, is the result of a series of interviews Julien did with Pietro and other classic car experts or collectors. 

Could we not have it in our collection?


Civil Week, to be held in Legnano from May 4 to 7, 2023, is the event that promotes actions of solidarity, active citizenship, participation and civic sense. All concepts that the Fratelli Cozzi Museum feels are part of its value system!

This year's edition aims to foster the building of ties and relationships among people in the community, facilitating greater cohesion and social integration in an innovative way. That's why the appointments will be a time for shared reflection, an exchange of ideas about the home territory and the development of networks that can become stable resources of the target communities even after the event.

The Museum will actively participate. How? By presenting the exhibition "Women and Motors? Just Joys" at the Civic Library.

Admission is free and you are all invited to attend!