donations under the tree

Dec. 17, 2022

donations to the museum are even better under Christmas! check out what has been donated in recent weeks to the museum and if you have alfist items donate too!

The Museum is not "just" a collection of vintage automobiles, did you know that? In fact, our collection includes documents, photographs, memorabilia and vintage objects. 

Above all, our collection grows over time, thanks to acquisitions and especially thanks to very generous donations from private individuals.

Objects and documents are part of a larger story than that of Alfa Romeo-they are part of the story of a family, a person, a community.

Donating these objects means wanting to share them with the community and become part of the Museum's own history.

Check out the last three donations we received!

A MODEL and A BOOK with LP.

The first donation is of a model and a book (which also contains a vinyl record), and for this we thank the generosity of Aldo Zana .

Effetto Alfa (Franco Nencini -1983) is the book with publication by Sales Promotion Marketing Italy of Alfa Romeo Auto S.p.A. , text by Franco Nencini, graphics MT Creative Studio, illustrative material by the Alfa Romeo Historical Documentation Center and Farabolafoto. Part of a 12-inch vinyl box set, supplied with slipcase.

E model given to us by Aldo is produced by Exoto and reproduces an Alfa Romeo Alfetta 159 winner GP of Spain Juan Manuel Fangio 1951 scale 1/18 .

A really valuable piece!


Another beautiful pairing of model car and a book-relating to the Vatican's Limousine cars-was donated by Nicola Bulgari, whom you see pictured above with Elisabetta Cozzi during her recent visit to our Museum.


The model and the book, however, you can admire in the cover photo of this news!


Corrado Cinque hand-built and donated to us this beautiful model of Alfa Romo Giulia Super 1600 Arma dei Carabinieri - 1/8 scale.

Just think: this model was built in 2007 and today it becomes part of our collection! 

In short: if you too have signed Alfa Romeo items at home, donate them to the Museum (it rhymes, and your memorabilia will go down in history).