That's Love
24 January, 2019
In Montmartre, one of the most beautiful areas of Paris, there is "The Wall of I Love You", a work by Jehan Rictus. In its 40 square meters there are 311 "I love you" in 280 languages of the world. We can not yet boast such important figures, but for sure your 142 reviews on Tripadvisor, written in 4 different languages, make us feel very loved.
It may be the air of Valentine's Day or the countless hearts you give us on Instagram, but at this time we definitely feel loved. The time and words that you dedicate to us encourage us to always do our best because the Tripadvisor certificate of excellence and the full score on Facebook, we really want to deserve it.


These are the words you have chosen to tell the Museum on our Tripadvisor profile, good reading. The museum is beautifully kept and is splendid for the solutions found, we were amazed at the beauty and management of this place: a living collection, open to the people, a symbol of Italian ability and our good taste. A museum not aseptic, not didactic, but lively and pulsating. To see and see again. Here are collected the cars received in exchange from their loyal customers and many more, real collector's jewels. Mr. Cozzi himself tells stories and anecdotes about the cars and the glorious history of Alfa Romeo. There is even a display of the 155 that set an important speed record in Bonnenville and many other sporting and non-sporting curiosities. The explanation is really good you can see that there is passion in telling people about the passion for cars. Cordiality, courtesy, courtesy, elegance and refinement, but also history, culture, values, passion: a cross-section of the Italian cultural heritage proposed with love and sensitivity, through a precious Alfa Romeo park of often unique specimens ... beautiful to take your breath away! In short, an important museum a few steps from Milan.
Google Translator Großartige Sammlung von Alfa Romeos aus vielen Epochen. Darunter auch echte Seltenheiten. Dazu eine sehr freundliche Begrüßung und informative Führung. Ein MUSS für alle Alfisti. Und unbedingt sehenswert für Liebhaber alter und besonderer Fahrzeuge! (Large collection of Alfa Romeos from many eras. Including true rarities. Also a very friendly greeting and an informative guide. A must for all Alfisti. And absolutely a must see for lovers of old and special vehicles).

(translations are also taken from Tripadvisor)

Sortie du Registre Suisse Alfa Romeo le 15 septembre 2018 Extraordinaire! Encore une fois un grand Merci à Elisabetta et son team pour nous avoir fait découvrir ce Musée dédié à la marque Alfa Romeo et constitué par son papa depuis la fin des années cinquante. The architecture of the building is superb and the presentation of the cars is of absolute beauty. De plus nous avons eu droit à des explications claires et précises sur chaque des voitures présentées, ainsi qu'un film et de la nombreuse documentation. After that, a fantastic buffet awaited us, which allowed each of the 26 participants to continue the discussions. A conseiller fortement !!! (Extraordinary! Once again, a big thank you to Elisabetta and her team for letting us discover this museum dedicated to the Alfa Romeo brand and set up by her father at the end of the 1950s. The architecture of the building is superb and the presentation of the cars beautiful. In addition, we were given clear and precise explanations on each of the cars presented, as well as a film and extensive documentation. After that, a fantastic buffet awaited us, allowing each of the 26 participants to continue their discussions. To strongly recommend!!!).

(translations are also taken from Tripadvisor)


We visit the museum with mi familia , la verdad es una excelente opción para el que le gustan los autos. La atención es de primera, el museo abre una vez por mes. The 50 years of the museum are now in full swing, all of them in impeccable condition. Muy recomendable.

(We visited the museum with my family, the truth is an excellent option for car lovers. The focus is first of all, the museum opens once a month. The alphas range from the 50s to today, all in impeccable condition. Highly recommended).

(translations are also taken from Tripadvisor)

"A museum not aseptic, not didactic, but lively and pulsating. To see and see again."