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At business school: the 21st business culture week

Oct. 20, 2022

We would never have guessed it, but it has already been a year since the last Enterprise Culture Week: a year that has flown by for us, who have well imprinted the wonderful events organized for the 2021 edition, the 20th of the initiative put in place by Museimpresa.

From the event with Antonio Calabrò to the presentation with Ivan Scelsa, through the gentlemen drivers of AISA: this year our programming is rich and important precisely because we come from a truly unforgettable edition!

So here is what we have organized to participate in the best way possible in the review, scheduled for Nov. 7-21

 "Enterprise Culture lies right here: in learning to rebuild a trust in the market, in being together, in factories, in the safety of our jobs, in giving employees peace of mind." Antonio Calabrò in 2021 at the Museum


oscar of montigny returns to cozzi brothers museum

"6X2 - Six Short Lessons from Two Marketing Masters" 

oscar di Montigny and oscar farinetti's new book

But how much do words matter when doing business? Words are the
most powerful tool we have to get our point across. And business storytelling-if done well-has extraordinary ability to inspire, to excite, to convey our values to our audience, employees and customers. And also to find new ways to start again after a crisis.

For Oscar di Montigny and Oscar Farinetti new words are needed, for new audiences, new markets and new results. In these six short lessons, they show us techniques for taking hold of a more informed and more effective narrative to give voice to business content.

Oscar di Montigny has already been a guest at the Museum on the occasion of the presentation of his book "The Time of the New Heroes"


 Nov. 18 to 25


Violence against women is also fought through cultural change, counteracting the discrimination and gender stereotypes that are so prevalent today.

The pairing of women and cars is often disparaging and disrespectful-it is time to show that it can be changed.

Moving away from stereotypes, fighting images that distort reality, overcoming discriminatory culture. The founding idea of this project stems from a decidedly mistreated female figure in the automotive field and the desire to present and look at women with different eyes, for the great value they have, a value they express every day in what they do. Including being behind the wheel of a car.

Who are these women and what do they do? They are 16 women who stand out for their professionalism and expertise.
A video/photo project capturing the women with the beautiful cars of the Fratelli Cozzi Museum .

Photographs by Camilla Albertini. Project realized thanks to the support of the Ticino Olona Community Foundation.

 NOVEMBER 18, 19, 20 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.



The museum opens exceptionally on the occasion of Milano Autoclassica!

Buy your ticket, you can't miss it 🙂 🙂 

 Milano AutoClassica is the Classic and Sports Car Show, loved and followed by all enthusiasts.


come to the museum with autoclassica


Student Day - Handing over
scholarship Foundation
Legnanese Family

The Famiglia Legnanese Foundation was born out of a desire to give concrete help to deserving young people from local high schools and universities through the provision of scholarships. On "Student Day," all the work of raising funds and awarding scholarships to deserving students from local universities and high schools is made visible. Awarded in May 1988, the first 15 scholarships worth 15,000 euros, within a few years the disbursements increased significantly until they reached the record amount of 409,500 euros for 204 scholarships. Since its inception, the Fratelli Cozzi Museum has participated in this initiative by donating a scholarship.

For information about attending the theater write to :

wednesday november 16

Open meeting with local schools

The Museum, through the work of its "Friends of Fratelli Cozzi Museum" Association, aims to enhance and popularize the culture of science and technology in the specific field of automobiles and promote the development and growth of the territory through its historical heritage. The great challenge is to pass on to future generations the sense of belonging to the history of a company in the area, and the aim is to make this history known and publicized and, above all, to make the new generations the protagonists
and make them become promoters of culture.
The Museum will be open to meetings with schools and teachers for the presentation of projects dedicated to primary, secondary and high school students. The projects were implemented thanks to the contribution of the Ticino Olona Community Foundation.

For information write to:

Saturday, NOVEMBER 19 9:30 a.m.

gitefilm in the strangest places!

The meeting is part of a project carried out by Musei del Design della Lombardia and is aimed at girls and boys between the ages of six and eleven, who are in
a situation of social disadvantage and live in residential educational facilities or
benefit from territorial educational support. The goal is to create a bridge that allows children in situations of overt disadvantage, accompanied by educators who are familiar with their personal passions and family and social struggles, to come into contact with places of culture such as museums and museum collections, and, through the guidance of appropriately involved experts, to live experiences and stimuli otherwise difficult to access, participating in the co-construction of cultural products that become shared heritage.

The "GiteFilm" tours in museums will involve mini-videos that will see children in interactivity with people, environments and objects.
The facility involved will be theMariuccia Kindergarten.