frame and...find out!

January 13, 2023

There are many, many stories in the museum-that's why we thought of making them usable all the time.

If you have already visited it, you will know: the Museum is not "just" a collection of classic cars, but much more.

What characterizes Museums is theability to make-and spread-culture and beauty, history and "technique." Our Museum is no different, and since its inception it has been doing all this by several, important means: this news section, for starters, but also with social networks, valuable guided tours, and especially with the archive, our now famous Cozzi.Lab .

So much remains to be discovered about the world of Alfa Romeo and the history of our company.

Any examples?

  • Stories from our founder Peter about how some cars became part of the collection
  • Photographs and posters, which used to be the only tool for communicating at the point of sale or giving support to mechanics in the workshop
  • Podcasts, stories from writers and experts
  • The special ties between Alfa Romeo and cinema, music, art...

These are all materials in the Cozzi.Lab that deserve to become usable at all times.

The good news is that we found a way to do it. All it takes...a little square!



The outreach project is based on the generation of QR codes, small graphic codes that can be read and refer to content by simply scanning with a smartphone or tablet .

Custom QRs that will appear between spaces in the Museum will link to all the content listed above, and more!

Digital content will be enriched constantly , with a view to supporting sempreasingly our desire to disseminate a museum heritage that should be the heritage of everyone, no one excluded (audio content is also available for the blind).

To mark the link between the Museum and schools, moreover, the QRs will also contain content developed by the younger generation, by students from local schools thanks to the project of the Friends of Fratelli Cozzi Museum Association.

What do you think of this idea?

We are waiting for you at the Museum: the hunt for QR codes with special contents has just begun!