Welcome back to school

26 August, 2019

Last days of vacation, the return to school begins to worry students and teachers, but do not worry ... there will be nice surprises.

More than 500 students have collaborated with the Fratelli Cozzi Museum so far for school-to-work alternation, internships or research projects.

In recent years we have collaborated exclusively with secondary school students, post-diploma students and university students, but the next school year will see our educational offer extended to secondary school students. In particular, the City of Legnano has accepted our proposal, involving local middle schools in the guided tours that will be organized starting next October.

We would like to give a special thanks to Elena Bottini, director of the Legnano Education and Equal Opportunities offices, who enthusiastically welcomed our proposal and represented a meeting point between the schools and the Museum. 

Why take students to the Fratelli Cozzi Museum? 

Probably for the students, our "little ones" will be simple objects. Concrete objects, though. Of a concrete history. The history of their parents (perhaps), of their grandparents (certainly), the history of the city in which they study, of the country in which they live.

Our intent is to amaze them by making them discover how behind every object we use or buy, there are incredible stories that, intersecting, create history. That Futurism is a reality? That technology is a fact? That the geography of a city is an album of memories? That Beauty is not superfluous, but necessary? We will look for answers to these (and many other) questions together with the students and their teachers.

During the visit we will not fail to sow some thoughts dedicated to the respect of common goods, sharing and ethics in communication because, as you know, at the Museum "Women and Motors... are joys and that's all!"

"Italy possesses most of the artistic riches on the planet; after us comes Spain and it doesn't get to accumulate the treasures of Tuscany. But even that, with some exceptions, has ceased to excite us."
(Beppe Severgnini)"