gen z at the museum

January 23, 2023

the role of the museum must be increasingly engaging and inclusive, putting children at the center as actors and promoters

By now we have lost count of how many times we have repeated that "Tradition is to guard the fire, not worship the ashes." Yet, this phrase for us best represents what we do every day: work for the enhancement and popularization of the culture of science and technology in the automotive sector and to promote the development and growth of the area through our historical heritage.

Above all, our main purpose, is to make this history known and disseminated to the younger generation, making them protagonists and making them promoters of culture.

For this reason, the Friends of Fratelli Cozzi Museum Association, thanks to the support of the Ticino Olona Community Foundation, has promoted a project to involve schools in the area and encourage discussion among different educational institutions.


The project proposed to schools is very concrete, because it focuses on the creation of digital content on current issues of social interest of the new generations and contextualizable in the reality of our territory. Content that will remain available at the Museum for visitors to enjoy!

The Focus of this school year? Sustainable mobility for Generation Z.


The work of the children, carried out on the materials made available by the Museum, will be presented and will be the subject of discussion during an event organized at the Museum in collaboration with local schools and institutions.
This will happen for the first edition on Sunday, February 12 at the Museum: the Torno Institute of Castano Primo and the Dell'Acqua Institute of Legnano will be involved.

During the content presentation, the audience in attendance will be able to vote for their favorite work.Then, in a second phase, the contest will move to social networks where everyone will be able to show their support for the most deserving project by liking it.

Not only that, the content prepared by school children will be part of an even larger project that will see the interactivity of our Museum increase even more through the use of Qr codes. By framing the Qr codes, in fact, visitors will be able to see the new content, among them, those from local schools!

 So on February 12, there will be an opportunity for all enthusiasts to come to the Museum and participate in the guided tour (below the box to reserve your ticket) and then there will be school presentations. Everyone will be able to participate!

"We can't wait to find out how this first edition will go," said Museum Director Elisabetta Cozzi. "I think the role of museums should be more and more inclusive and engaging: kids should be able to access them easily and be actors and promoters themselves.


Come to the guided tour on Feb. 12