60 years of Autodelta: the new book.

November 9, 2023

The Museum opens its doors for the presentation of the new book dedicated to the Autodelta myth. Authors Giuseppe and Massimo Colombo tell us all the details.

Alfisti, keep your ears peeled because the Museum has an announcement for you!

On Sunday, December 3, we will open our doors for an exceptional event and one that a great many of you-especially among racing fans-have been waiting for.

We are talking about the presentation of: "Autodelta 60.The Fast Wing of Alfa Romeo," the book written by Giuseppe Colombo, an expert on the Alfa Romeo brand, and Massimo Colombo, a journalist.

Some may reiterate, "but I have already read this book " ...

It might seem that way, but instead, six years after the first edition, which sold out long ago, and on the occasion of Autodelta's 60th anniversary, the authors decided to give the presses a new volume dedicated to the myth that made millions of Italians and racing fans dream. The Museum also supported its production, again edited by our friends at Fucina Editore.

This is a second edition in which the two writers have further deepened their work, enriching it with new stories and unpublished images.

"Thevolume "Autodelta 60" represents, " say the authors, " the result of passionate research and careful listening to the last protagonists of this story, namely all the people who led the transition of Alfa Romeo's sports activities from Autodelta to Euroracing.


How will the meeting take place? Here is the program for the event.

15:00- 15:15 Reception

3:15 p.m.-4 p.m. Guided tour of the collection

4-6 p.m. Presentation of the new book "60 Years of Autodelta.

The book will be presented by authors Giuseppe and Massimo Colombo, Gippo Salvetti (Alfa Blue Team) and Andrea Vecchi (Alfa Club Milano) will participate, and there will be a special guest: Carlo Facetti, legendary Alfa Romeo - Autodelta driver.

The No. 1 copy of the book.

But the good surprises did not end there!

In addition to having the opportunity to enter the Museum and attend the guided tour and presentation of the book, it will also be possible to purchase it at the special price of 40 euros (instead of 44). For those who will have purchased the ticket, the cost of the ticket will be deducted from the price of the book.

A copy of the new issue of Scent of Alpha to the first 10 buyers of the book, thanks to Fontana Editore!

There are only 999 copies printed. In short, it is really an opportunity not to be missed, especially for collectors. It's also a great idea for Christmas gifts, don't you think?

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Finally, we remind you that the Museum is an inclusive and accessible place for all people with physical disabilities. We only ask the courtesy of letting us know your needs in advance by writing to info@museofratellicozzi.com