They say about us: the March press review 📰

March 25, 2023

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Needless to hide it: we are already enjoying this 2023 so much thanks to the events and the many opportunities to meet. 

One success after another that we owe to our work, it is true, but also to all those who collaborated with us, including institutions and journalists.

The press review is a way to value just this beautiful synergy!

Let's get started!

Let's start with the event of the month in March: the one dedicated to 60 years of Autodelta and on the occasion of MuseoCity!

SempioneNews article

Article by MotorEmotion 

Our exhibition "Women and Motors, Joys and Enough" also continues to make waves!

Article from Quattroruote

Women are also discussed in the Women of Impact review:

Article from LegnanoNews

Another event held at the museum in recent days, the conference "Orthopedics and Automotive, a meeting between history and the future" involved local journalists (whom we thank!) and here are the articles produced

Article from LegnanoNews

SempioneNews article

Finally, also in March our friends at the Alfa Romeo Association Northern California chose some photos from our archive for the pages of their magazine Overheard Cams. Look at these beauties!

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