"Women and motors? Just joys": the protagonists

November 25, 2023

Patrizia Toia

Laura Confalonieri

Sara Ambrosini

it's time to meet all the protagonists of the second edition of the photo exhibition "Women and Motors? Just Joys!"

Moving away from stereotypes, fighting images that distort reality, overcoming discriminatory culture.

"Women and motors, joys and sorrows."

"Woman behind the wheel, constant danger."

"You drive/park like a woman."

These are just a few of the still ingrained sayings. And then the images of women on cars?

Try typing "women and motors" into Google images, what do you think?

Isn't it also these images, these ways of saying, of communicating that set the conditions for disrespect, disregard, that lead to belittling and placing little value on women? And does this not set the stage for violence?

When in 2022 Elisabetta Cozzi-aspresident of the Fratelli Cozzi Museum, of course, but also as founder of the "Woman in Power" Movement-created the photo exhibition "Women and Motors? Just Joys!" she could not have been certain of its success .

Yet, success came (see here the first edition) and also the will to continue on a path that promises to revolutionize the idea of women in the automotive world. 

This is precisely the point of the exhibition, which, even in its second edition, has a specific goal: Tocurb the clichés that too often associate the automotive world with the female world and to say enough is enough to the disparaging and disrespectful juxtaposition of women and cars. The exhibition therefore wants to dvalue the image and role of women in a sector that has always been considered purely male, through a cultural and empowerment path.

Teresa Alaniz

Francesca De Lucchi

Jessica Berra


"We are really happy to kick off the second edition of this photography project to raise everyone's awareness of the urgency of true equality ," said Elisabetta Cozzi, " equality that, as we know, also comes from cultural battles.

The shots portray 20 women engaged in various professional fields. Camilla Albertini, the photographer and artistic director of the project, decided to capture all the protagonists with their hands on the steering wheel and their eyes in the rearview mirror.

The result? A visual narrative that expresses strength and identity, a collective album that aims to show viewers the importance of achieving and maintaining true and authentic equality. 

Paola Longo

Sara Ambrosetti

Riccarda Zezza


In November 2023, during the days of Milano AutoClassica, there was a special preview (Rho Fiera November 17 - 19).


The first real stop was at our Museum with the opening: on November 21 in the Red Room in the presence of dignitaries, journalists and of course with the women portrayed in the photographs. The exhibition remained open also on a special day: November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women .

As with the first edition, the photo project is now itinerant, and the photos are exhibited in many spaces, for an entire year.


Our thanks go to our protagonists, photographer Camilla Albertini and those who believed in our project: Fineco, NiEW, Wuerth and Wyler Vetta as sponsors, Quattroruote and Ruoteclassiche as media partners, LIUC University for collaboration and ACI Storico, ASI and FIVA for their prestigious sponsorship of the initiative.

Our project supports the activities of CIF - Italian Women's Center of Legnano.

Luisa Cazzaro

Federica Simonetto

Valentina Casella

Silvia Arnoldi

Here, finally, are all the great protagonists of the second edition:

Teresa Alaniz: Director of Design Delivery & Strategist NiEW, ALFA ROMEO 4C

Sara Ambrosetti: Communication and Event Organization Manager Boardwalk Srl and vice president reAct - Association of Liberal Culture, ALFASUD SPRINT

Sara Ambrosini: Sales Marketing Manager Wyler Vetta, ALFA ROMEO SZ SPRINT ZAGATO

Silvia Arnoldi: Large Customers and Logistics Systems Sector Manager WürthItaly, ALFA ROMEO 75 EVOLUTION

Jessica Berra: Fideuram Financial Advisor - Volunteer orphanage Embu Children's Home in Kenya, ALFA ROMEO 2600 BERLINA

Lorenza Bravetta: National Automobile Museum Director, ALFA ROMEO 1750 GT Veloce

Maria Bussolati: Director Mille Miglia Museum, ALFA ROMEO 2600 SPIDER TOURING SUPERLEGGERA

Valentina Casella: Lawyer Partner Casella e Associati - Board member Mondadori Group, Banco Desio, Italmobiliare, InnovUP, ALFA ROMEO GT JUNIOR Scalino

Luisa Cazzaro: Lombardy Delegation President AIDDA (Association of Women Business Managers), ALFA ROMEO AR 51 (Matta)

Laura Confalonieri: Journalist, deputy editor of Quattroruote and Ruoteclassiche, ALFA ROMEO MONTREAL


Maria Bussolati

Anna Gervasoni

Lorenza Bravetta

Monica Mailander Macaluso

Elisabetta Cozzi: Founder and President Fratelli Cozzi Museum - President of Friends of Fratelli Cozzi Museum Association, ALFA ROMEO GIULIA SS

Francesca De Lucchi: President Terziario Donna Confcommercio Milano - CAPAC executive board member - Founder and CEO Divina Piadina, ALFA ROMEO GIULIA SPIDER

Anna Gervasoni: Pro-rector LIUC - Cattaneo University, general director AIFI - Italian Private Capital Association, ALFA ROMEO GTV

Paola Longo: Owner Longo un Mondo di Specialità - Vice president of Le Donne del Vino Association -Enotary, ALFA ROMEO ALFASUD 1.2 GIARDINETTA

Monica Mailander Macaluso: President Gino Macaluso Foundation for Historic Cars, ALFA ROMEO 2600 SPRINT

Silvia Nicolis: President MUSEO NICOLIS - LAMACART - Vice President MuseImpresa - Member of the Board, Tourism delegation Verona Chamber of Commerce, ALFA ROMEO 2600 SPRINT

Lorena Pelliciari: CFO and Chair of FinecoBank's Sustainability Management Committee, ALFA ROMEO SPIDER 2.0

Federica Simonetto: President Upper Milan Young Entrepreneurs Group - Owner SF&A Serramenti Simonetto - Founder Lemonlights srl, ALFA ROMEO FORMULA BOXER

Patrizia Toia: MEP and Vice Chairman ITRE Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, ALFA ROMEO 6C 2500 Golden Arrow

Riccarda Zezza: CEO and Founder Lifeed - author of "Heart Business for a Love Story between People and Work" and co-author of MAAM Maternity as a Master," ALFA ROMEO 1900 SUPER

Silvia Nicolis

Lorena Pelliciari

Elisabetta Cozzi