Soccer? Girl stuff! The event with reAct

May 17, 2023

At the Museum we are sensitive on the topic of Women and Motors, but we know that soccer can also be an environment considered "man stuff" Let's dispel the myth!

Prejudices and stereotypes have always hovered around women's soccer-somewhat like in the world of motorsports. 

Despite the fact that, in recent years, women's soccer has been steadily growing and increasingly subjected to media attention, the sport continues to have to fight against a culture that, unfortunately, is still strongly masculine and macho. Precisely because of these considerations, the "Women on Cleats" project: a project that we at the Museum could only embrace!



The event will be at the Museum on Monday, May 29. The evening will begin at 19.00 and will be divided into three moments:

  • Presentation of the book "A Life on the Offside" by Katia Serra, former soccer player with 467 appearances between Serie A and Serie B and a total of 129 goals; for 17 years, she was the first woman in history to commentate on a men's national team final in the Euro 2020 Final. Lucia Anselmi, a journalist at DAZN, will dialogue with the author.
  • Screening of thedouble interview conducted with ASD City of Varese to compare the differences with which a soccer player and a female soccer player experience the same sport.
  • Speakers will address different aspects of women's soccer, keeping the focus on gender equality issues. We will meet again Katia Serra and Lucia Anselmi, but also Lorenzo Francini, athletic trainer of the first team of AC Milan Femminile; Sergio Pedrazzini, president of the LND Regional Committee; and Carmine Gorrasi, general manager ofASD Solbiatese Azalee 1911. Finally, the results of a survey conducted in collaboration with SSD Varesina Sport and Liceo A. Manzoni of Varese will be shown.

We will conclude at 20.30 with an aperitif offered by La Cucina di Altamura.

The sponsors of the event are: Raviolificio Lo Squirrel, Infocia, Mondo Rinnovo and B&B Consultations.