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The NEW Quadrifoglio 1992

10 June, 2022

"I, Rosaria Costa, widow of my agent Vito Schifani, on behalf of all those who have given their lives for the State, the State..., ask first of all that justice be done, now. 

Addressing myself to the men of the mafia, because there are some in here (and not), but certainly not Christians, know that for you too there is the possibility of forgiveness: I forgive you, but you must get down on your knees, if you have the courage to change 

But they don't change... [...] ...they don't want to change..." 

1992 was a terrible year for Italy. 30 years ago, in fact, the maxi-trial in Palermo that had begun in 1986 came to an end, but a period of Mafia retaliation began that culminated on 23 May with the Capaci massacre, where Judge Giovanni Falcone (with his wife and three escort agents) lost his life, and on 19 July in Via D'Amelio in Palermo where Magistrate Paolo Borsellino was killed along with five escort agents.

It was also the year, however, of the Maastricht Treaty, the treaty that laid the pillars of the European Union as we know it now, the independence of Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia, and the election of Bill Clinton, a Democrat (and the first president of the baby-boomer generation), as president of the United States.

Away from all these tensions and political novelties, the Quadrifoglio continues to lead Alfisti into a world of exclusive lifestyle, through a completely new and different graphic design than the one that characterised the 1980s (up to and including 1991).

Thanks to Cozzi.Lab we can embark on an exciting journey through the history of Italian costume in 1992: let's buckle up, then!

Off we go.


 "Once upon a time there were women who understood nothing about cars. Not through any fault of their own. Or at least not entirely'.

"we will do it with a light hand, i.e. giving fantasy and image predominant roles'.

ettore massacesi, talking about the rebirth of il quadrifoglio".


The Quadrifoglio's 1992 opens with a star, driver Alessandro Nannini (younger brother of singer Gianna) who wins the tourism championship with the GTA, a car that 'everyone wants to copy us, so elegant that I made an impression when I showed up at Prince Ranieri's party and parked it between Rolls and Bentleys'.

Nannini wanted to get back on the track and win, which is why, the magazine explains, he turned down many offers and asked to race the 400-horsepower all-wheel-drive GTA developed by Alfa Romeo engineers on the basis of the Q4 production saloon.

Alessandro Nannini also came to the Fratelli Cozzi dealership to meet his fans in those years. So many memories!


In 1992, the famous Duetto had turned 26 years old and for the occasion was given a makeover with a series of original colours and a very elegant interior.

In the article on the Quadrifoglio, Pino Allievi, correspondent for Gazzetta dello Sport, recounts the anecdotes and secret stories of the long adventure of one of the most beautiful - and timeless - Alfa Romeo creations.

Just think how lucky you are: if you want to see the original Duetto with your own eyes, just visit the Fratelli Cozzi Museum 🙂 🙂 


 "Once upon a time there were women who understood nothing about cars. Not through any fault of their own. Or at least not entirely'.  

With an article by Manuela Piscini, the Alfa Romeo world is getting closer to women. The pretext is the arrival of the 33 Sport Wagon, perfect for 'every female category in revolt against the hatchback, from the lady fed up with the pram pressing against the nape of her neck to the student forced to choose suitcases and mountain bikes, from the skier who hates putting on chains to the animal lover who doesn't know where to put her 70-kilo puppy' and finally, 'the motorist who knows what she's doing'.



There is very little room for travel, gastronomy and fashion in this new version of the Quadrifoglio (which appears almost entirely dedicated to cars).

An article in the 164th newspaper in the United States, however, becomes the pretext for a journey through the canyons and desert of Arizona as well as the snows of Montana.

Better than nothing!



Finally, some laughter.

A special feature reserved for writer and humourist Luca Goldoni takes us through a personal story of the Mille Miglia and loyalty to Alfa Romeos, all accompanied by Giuliano's beautiful cartoons (including the one you see below, which we just had to include!).

That's it for this month, too: keep following us for the journey through 1993 with the Quadrifoglio!