October 29, 2023

20 women, 20 photo shoots and one goal: to change the perception of women in the motor world

They say you never forget your first love, and that is certainly true, but what about the expectation and freshness we feel when a new chapter in our lives is about to begin?

The first edition (look here) of the exhibition "Women and Motors? Just Joys!", the photographic project that involved women and cars in an intense dialogue, was wonderful: so we confidently enter the second chapter, the second edition!

The starting concept is the same: to overcome the stereotypes and preconceptions that too often associate the world of motors with women in a derogatory and disparaging way.

To do this, we once again decided to depict women who come from different worlds-business, sports, politics, journalism, culture...-and to portray them next to the cars in our Museum.


The exhibition will be previewed Nov. 17-19 at Milano Autoclassica - Fiera Rho Milano, with official presentation to the press. 

The exhibition will then return to the Museum, in the Red Room of the Cozzi Brothers Museum, from Nov. 21 to Dec. 5.

On Nov. 21 at 6 p.m. the opening with authorities, press and a toast offered by the historic Enoteca Longo.

Thanks to Paola Longo and the Women of Wine!

On November 25, International Day Against Violence Against Women, there will be a special opening!

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Backstage shots of the second edition of "Women and Motors? Just Joys."


Besides the women photographed, there are other things that change from the last edition, two main differences.

The first: photographer Camilla Albertini decided to portray all 20 protagonists inside the cars, with their hands firmly on the steering wheel and their faces reflected in the rearview mirror. A gritty and confident gesture, an artistic choice that focuses on the look and determination of these women.

The second: among the 20 women photographed will be the directors of Italian auto museums . Lorenza Bravetta of Mauto - Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile in Turin, Silvia Nicolis of Museo Nicolis in Villafranza (Vr), Maria Bussolati of Museo Millemiglia in Brescia, Monica Mailander Macaluso of Fondazione Macaluso in Turin and our own Elisabetta Cozzi.

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More shots from backstage of the second edition of "Women and Motors? Just Joys."


"We are really happy to kick off the second edition of this photography project to raise everyone's awareness of the urgency of true equality, which also stems from cultural battles," said Elisabetta Cozzi, founder and director of our museum.

"The project "Women and Motors, Joys and Enough" lands in its second edition, accompanied by the enthusiasm of those who have been continuing this journey since last year and those who are joining the one in 2023. I chose to portray the women protagonists of these photographic shots literally driving the change. Their hands confidently grip the steering wheel of the Alfa Romeos at the Fratelli Cozzi Museum, their faces glimpse in the side mirror: confident, smiling, determined eyes. In contrast, the women "driving" the car museums are portrayed in the center rearview mirror. Their looks are united by a special passion and dedication: when they meet, a strong positive energy is released," adds Camilla Albertini, the project's photographer, instead.


More shots from backstage at the second edition of "Women and Motors? Just Joys."


"The exhibition is also designed to be itinerant, to reach libraries, schools and public spaces, communicating to young people and beyond that any goal is attainable. I had the privilege to meet the protagonists of this edition, to listen to their stories and their paths and to be part of their spontaneous "sisterhood." Being able to convey all this through the lens of my camera is a great honor for me. To then put together with Elisabetta an extra brick in helping to unhinge the prejudices that are still all too present today about the union of women and motors, makes me extremely proud. " concludes the photographer.

We look forward to seeing all 20 photographs, how about you?

The project has the Patronage of: Aci Storico, Asi and Fiva.

Media Partners are: Quattroruote and Ruoteclassiche.

The Sponsors are: Fineco, Niew, Wyler Vetta and Wurth.

In Partnership with: Liuc University.