our wall of fame is complete

March 21, 2023

with the last two stars, our wall of fame is finally complete--discover the new alfamous clubs!

Here we are at the last appointment with AlFamous and especially with our Wall of Fame, that is, the review of the Alfa Clubs that are friends of the Cozzi Brothers Museum and scattered around the world.

We knew this moment would come sooner or later, and we are very excited to secure the last two stars of the Wall thanks to two clubs we will carry in our hearts forever!

For each Alfa Club participating in the initiative, the Museum will place a star on the brand new Alfamous Wall of Fame. Remember that, thanks to the collaboration with AFRA, Alfa Clubs are entitled to a special discount! https://www.afra.it/it/

One of the last two stars on our Wall is from Lombardy: it is that of Club Alfa Romeo Brescia.

  • Club: Alfa Romeo Brescia Club
  • Where: Italy
  • Foundation year: 2021
  • Number of members: 90
  • Favorite Alfa Romeo: The Club has an eye toward every Biscione model, even the "ugly ducklings, because after all, they too wrote our history."

"When when you pass an Alfa Romeo you stop and turn to look at it it means you have a dedication to the brand and its history, everything we do starts from that: passion and love for Alfa Romeo.

Our club was only recently born, but right from the start it has enjoyed strong interest in the city of the Mille Miglia, of which Alfa Romeo is the undisputed queen. From complete strangers to friends, all thanks to our passion for our cars."

We always stay in Italy for our last club: Alfa Loverz

  • Club: Alpha Loverz 
  • Where: Italy
  • Year founded: 2014 (formerly "MiTo Loverz," MiTo models only), since 2016 open to all cars of the brand
  • Number of members: about 70 active and participating, thousands of followers on social channels
  • Favorite Alfa Romeo: GT 1.3 Junior Scalino

"Alfa Romeo represents the ultimate expression of sportiness and beauty on four wheels. This emotional union has generated the cue to bring together sympathizers, animated by this common feeling, materializing a new aggregative reality. Enthusiasts of all ages take part in the gatherings organized by the Club, which over time has become a close-knit group of friends with a great desire to spend carefree days together, taking their Alfa Romeos of all eras for a spin. Seeing this fellowship grow and consolidate year after year is a source of sincere pride for the organizers. The primary intent remains to honor the prestige of the brand with simplicity and authenticity, promoting static and dynamic themed events in the name of passion and friendship."

In the future perhaps the Museum will open a second Wall of Fame for AlfaClubs around the world.

Want to apply with your Club, become a star, and come visit the Museum? Write to info@museofratellicozzi.com!