Oct. 30, 2023

The person at the center of sustainable development. The soul of the conscious enterprise.

We are always very proud to participate in MuseImpresa's Enterprise Culture Week.

Once again this year, in fact, the Museum will take part in the XXII edition of the BUSINESS CULTURE WEEK .

It is a series of events promoted by Confindustria and Museimpresa. The initiative, which in 2023 will take place from Nov. 6 to 20, includes a rich program designed to take people to discover the immense cultural heritage housed within the museums and archives of large, medium and small Italian companies.

This year's theme is "The Person at the Center of Sustainable Development. The soul of the conscious enterprise." The focus is on the human factor and new models of development, which are also central in view of Industry 5.0, the new production paradigm that focuses on sustainability and the cooperative relationship between man and machine. Find out the entire program at Museimpresa.com!

Let us now see how the Museum will participate in the initiative.

The plaque of the winners of the "Sustainable Mobility for Generation Z" contest.

AWARDING of the winners of the "Sustainable Mobility for Gen Z" contest - Nov. 10

The project developed by the Friends of Fratelli Cozzi Museum Association aimed to bring the younger generation closer to business culture, including through innovation in the digital world.

Boys and girls were involved both educationally and with direct input, becoming protagonists in the storytelling about museum heritage and projecting historical knowledge to their current and future vision.

The four institutes involved-the Carlo Dell'Acqua Institute in Legnano, the Liceo d'Arconate and d'Europa High School in Arconate,
the Enrico Fermi Institute in Castellanza, and the Giuseppe Torno Institute in Castano Primo-created digital content on the proposed theme.

In the XXII Business Culture Week, an award will be given to the winning school in the contest, namely the Carlo Dell'Acqua Institute in Legnano, which received 46.9 percent of the votes.
A participation plaque will also be presented to the classes of the other institutes.

Thank you to Ticino Olona Community Foundation for valuable support!

Legnanese Family Foundation scholarship awards in 2022

DELIVERY OF STUDENT GRANTS from the Foundation. Legnanese Family - Nov. 19

During the Student Day, the Legnanese Family Foundation, which was established to give concrete help to deserving young people from local high schools and universities through the provision of scholarships, makes visible all the work of fundraising and awarding scholarships to male and female students.

In 2022, 153 scholarships were awarded for 218,000 disbursed and 81 Donors.

Our Museum, since its inception, has participated by donating a scholarship that from this year will be dedicated to the memory of Pietro and Marisa Cozzi.

The event will be at the Talisio Tirinnanzi Theater in Legnano, meeting on Nov. 19 at 10 a.m.

Backstage shots of "Women and Motors? Just Joys!"

PHOTO EXHIBITION "Women and motors? Just Joys." - Nov. 17, 18, 19 and 21, 25

During the XXII Corporate Culture Week, the second edition of the photo project "Women and Motors? Just Joys!" designed to counter discrimination and gender stereotypes, still unfortunately so prevalent, and to promote a cultural change that values women. If you want to learn more about this topic, read this news.

The preview of the exhibition will be on view at Milano AutoClassica - Fiera Rho Milano from Nov. 17 to 19 (below is the link to purchase tickets to our museum, which is open in conjunction with the fair) and from Nov. 21 to Dec. 1 in the Red Room of the Fratelli Cozzi Museum. 

On Nov. 21 at 6 p.m. there will be an opening with the presence of dignitaries and the press and a toast with Legnano's historic Enoteca Longo. Thanks to Paola Longo and the Women of Wine!

Come to the Museum on the occasion of Milano AutoClassica

Kolbe school children visiting the museum

OPEN DAY the museum is for everyone! - Nov. 10

During theopen day will be presented to interested associations the project that makes the museum an inclusive and fully accessible place for people with disabilities through paths dedicated to people who are blind, deaf, mentally disabled, and have reduced mobility (read here to learn more).

The museum will be open from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Reservations are recommended by writing to info@museofratellicozzi.com

Then continuing the activity begun in previous years, initiatives dedicated to schools will also be presented., so that male and female students become promoters of culture and change. Interested teachers are advised to make reservations by writing to info@museofratellicozzi.com.

These projects are carried out by our association Friends of Museo Fratelli Cozzi with the valuable support of the Ticino Olona Community Foundation.