The archives and donations

July 6, 2023

Meet the keeper of the archives, Marta Bianchi, and the latest donations received.


By now you know it well and the premise is no longer necessary: our collection is not static but grows over time, also thanks to very generous donations from private individuals! Every time we receive a donation we are grateful, because we know that the objects and documents testify to the history of Alfa Romeo, yes, but also to the history of a person, a family, a community.

So here we are telling about the new donations that have just arrived at the Museum! 

The first comes directly from a great Alfista and friend of the Museum: engineer Claudio Montagni (who in the photo above teases our Elisabetta a bit ;-))

Claudio, a collector of wonderful cars, had learned that our 1950 6c 2500 Golden Arrow was without the... jack...

Claudio thus contacted Aldo Colombo, who handmade a copy of the original jack. Claudio and Aldo then came to donate the jack in person to the Museum, even giving us a course on how to use it!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, an unforgettable meeting enhanced by the presence of the irreplaceable Stefania.

Aldo Colombo and the jack

The mysterious object

Aldo Colombo and Eng. Claudio Montagni


Our friend Gianluca Rovero has struck again!

Gianluca, a great expert on the history of the Portello plant, always manages to amaze us, and this time he brought us an original piece of the Portello railway track, the railroad siding for freight use that until the 1960s connected the Portello industries with the track bundle of the Milano Certosa station. Perhaps not everyone knows that thehe short railway track that ended along Scarampo Avenue was nicknamed by the Milanese as the "little Alfa Romeo train"!

Thanks to Gianluca we were able to add to the brick, the bolt and key to a warehouse, another piece of history of the wonderful factory that was on the outskirts of Milan.

Scent of Alfa, 1000 Mile

Portello factory track

Marta Bianchi in the Cozzi.Lab


But who catalogs and organizes all these donations?

We have already introduced you to Marta Bianchi, the Museum's archivist.

Thanks to her and photographs, the pieces and documents collected by Pietro Cozzi over the decades are now cataloged, archived and searchable through software available in the Museum.

Did you know that some of the documents are also searchable on our website? Look here

Every now and then Marta returns to the Museum to catalog and archive all the new objects that become part of our collection: books, magazines, models, gadgets, brochures, documents, photos... many of these objects are precisely donations from the Friends of the Museum, an affection that always accompanies us like a hug. 

In short: a valuable professional for a valuable historical and cultural heritage. Thank you very much Marta, when you visit us we are always happy!

Marta Bianchi as she catalogs the latest items that have entered the archive