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They say about us: the June press review 📰

June 23, 2023

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With June, summer begins: what better season to go out of doors?

There have been two occasions that have allowed us to take the Museum outside its walls: the first was the REB Concours, which saw us featured in Rome in an exciting setting, and the second was the historic 1000 Miglia.

As always, local and national newspapers devoted a lot of space to the Museum and these events: the press review serves precisely to collect all these articles, blurbs, and photographs. Let's get started!

June was the month in which we named the winner of the "Sustainable Mobility for Gen Z" contest.

Here's who talked about it:

- Malpensa24

- Legnano News

- Simplon News

- Logos News

- Ticino News

Instead, here we have collected articles about our play about Achille Varzi:

- MotorEmotion

- Geonews

Foreign newspapers also talk about the history of Alfa Romeo and our Museum.

We thank hobbyDB for this fabulous article, read it here.

And friends of Overheard Cams, read here.

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