"The Custody of Fire": two female students at the Museum.

September 29, 2023

The Museum through the eyes of two students: here are the works done by Marta and Sveva.

There is a phrase very dear to Elizabeth, it is Gustav Mahler's phrase (which by now we all here have memorized), "Tradition is fire keeping, not ash worship."

This phrase for the Museum is important because it is not just a mantra that runs out once uttered but is a concept, almost philosophical, that we practice in our daily actions and in every project.

In fact, our Museum is not only a struttra that collects cars and historical objects, but a place of training, education and knowledge, where we strive to involve and empower the younger generations.

There are hundreds of male and female students we have met. Some have come for a visit with the class, some have also done special projects, such as baccalaureate theses, master's thesis, master's activities, dedicated in-depth studies.

An image from Marta Negri's project.


If you visited the Museum in 2022, you may have met Marta Negri.

In fact, Marta did a curricular internship at our Museum in 2022 and graduatedin March 2023 in Performing Arts and Cultural Events at Iulm University in Milan (by the way, congratulations again!).

Since April 2023, she has been enrolled in a master's program in "Economics and Management for Art and Culture" at 24ORE Business School in Milan.

Among the master 's various activities and skills is the management of the blog "Martebenicult" and the Instagram page of the same name.

Last lJuly Marta published an article titled "Cozzi Brothers Museum, a Gender-Conscious Enterprise Museum."

The one with Marta has been a long and rewarding project!

Sveva Uboldi's project


We met Sveva while she was attending the 5th grade ITE class - at Istituto Enrico Fermi in Castellanza.

Our journey was intertwined with Sveva's because she did anePCTO (formerly school-to-work alternation) experience at the Museum. Once the experience was over, Sveva recounted her work and commitment in a project, which was then presented in herhigh school graduation exam.

Here are his words at the end of the project:

"I chose to do the PCTO at the F.lli Cozzi Museum to enter a reality I was not familiar with and to start approaching the world of work and event organization, a field in which I am very interested."

Thank you, Sveva!

Sveva Uboldi's project