But were the cars really like that?

September 29, 2023

Alfa Romeo logos were the focus of a school project held by the Bonvesin Della Riva school in Legnano.

The purpose of the Friends of Fratelli Cozzi Museum Association is to make known and publicize the history of Alfa Romeo, through the cars and documents preserved over the years by Pietro Cozzi. These are the cars produced for sale, a true journey through time that belongs to all of us.

In particular, following Gustav Mahler 's motto "Tradition is to guard the fire, not to worship the ashes," it is fundamental for our Association to make the new generations the protagonists, making them become promoters of culture.

"But were the cars really like that?"

This was the question asked by the children who visited our Museum: they were incredulous and amazed when they first saw the cars from many years ago.

That phrase gave rise to a project of the same name dedicated to primary and secondary schools that features the Museum's youngest viewers.

Bonvesin Della Riva Secondary School in Legnano created an interesting project on the Alfa Romeo logo, leaving students free to interpret it.

The coordinating teacher of the institute recounted qusta experience as follows:

"Following the in-depth study of the history of the Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo and a visit to the Cozzi Museum in Legnano, third graders at Bonvesin de La Riva Secondary School worked on the project "Restyle of the Alfa Romeo brand," which involved the disciplines of Art and Image and Technology. They imagined what the car of the future will look like and what values the logo should communicate. The theme of the environment and sustainability returns several times in their entries, but there is no shortage of original and creative choices. Here is a selection of them." 

All the work done by the children will then be permanently housed in the museum's digital archive, a great way to develop a sense of belonging and pride in a business history of their area.