Reb Concours and 100th Mile, what a beauty.

June 26, 2023


The Museum at the REB CONCOURS in Rome

The heat, the cicadas, the long Tiber in a Spider... even here at the Museum we got infected by La Dolce Vita!

On June 7 and 8, we participated in the REB "Rome Eternal Beauties," the Capital's competition dedicated to historic cars.

Choosing the car that would represent us was not easy, but in the end we left with theAlfa 155 Q4 specially modified and upgraded to 365hp to run at Bonneville. Remember. It was 1992 when the car won the speed record, hurtling at just under 300 km/h on the U.S. salt lake, a record still unbeaten today.

The 155 of the record leaving for Rome.

Maria Bussolati, Elisabetta Cozzi, Alessia Lautone, Silvia Nicolis and Benedetto Camerana.

Elisabetta Cozzi.

Not only the Fratelli Cozzi Museum: the event featured cars from very important private collections and presitgiosi museums dedicated to cars and Italian genius, such as Mauto (Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile) in Turin, the 1000 Miglia Museum in Brescia and the Nicolis Museum in Villafranca - Verona.

The talk, initially envisioned as all-female with the 4 women leading Italian museums dedicated to the automobile, sadly lost Mauto director Mariella Mengozzi, who passed away prematurely a few weeks earlier. The REB Concours 2023 was dedicated to her and the talk was attended by Mauto President Benedetto Camerana who gave a wonderful remembrance of her. Hurray for our Mariellla!

Elisabetta Cozzi, Maria Bussolati, Silvia Nicolis and Benedetto Camerana led an interesting discussion moderated by Alessia Lautone, director of the LaPresse news agency.

Click here to see some moments from Alessia Lautone's interview (part one and second part).

Click here to see Francesco Arcieri's interview with Elisabetta Cozzi and Silvia Nicolis

Here instead is the article from Repubblica Motori

And the Lapresse article

A rheartfelt thanks and many congratulations to the organizers: Francesco and Antonella Arcieri!

In the cover photo from left: Maria Bussolati, Ada Urbani, Elisabetta Cozzi, Serena Autieri and Silvia Nicolis.

The article in Tutto Roma.

The 155 of the record at the REB Concours.

Elisabetta Cozzi with Paolo Liguori, Piero Sansonetti and Francesco Arcieri.

Scent of Alfa, 1000 Mile

The guys from Scent of Alfa during the 1000 Miglia.


We are sure that every fan is very familiar with the 1000 Miglia but, as they say, repetita iuvant .

The 1000 Miglia was between 1927 and 1957 a straight road speed car race with start and finish in Brescia, through Rome and central and northern Italy. The name of the race comes from the length of the route: about 1600 kilometers, equivalent to about one thousand imperial miles.

Since 1977, the Mille Miglia has revived in the form of a stage-based historic regularity race whose participation is limited to cars produced before 1957 that had participated (or were registered) in the original race.

In short: witnessing the passage of the Mille Miglia is a thrill not to be missed for those who love classic cars!

Our friends Ermanno and Nunzia from Adrenaline 24 and behind Stefano Agazzi.

One of several Alfa Romeos entered in the race.

Elisabetta Cozzi with Hidetomo Kimura.

This year our museum was invited to the start of the 1000 Miglia in Brescia, in the spaces of the museum of the same name by director Maria Bussolati. 

It was also a good opportunity for us to meet many friends (see photos).

Over the next few days, together with Profumo di Alfa, we followed the 1000 Miglia to the stops in Novara (thanks to Aci Novara and the Novara City Council for the invitation!), Milan and Treviglio, where we were invited by the City Council and our friend Ivan Scelsa.

What can I say: a memorable thrill!

Thank you all!

Maria Bussolati, director of the 1000 Mile Museum.

One of several Alfa Romeos entered in the race.

Elisabetta Cozzi with Mario Fontana of Profumo di Alfa and Ivan Scelsa of CinemAlfa.