The Museum at the Reb Concours

May 17, 2023

The Museum in June will also participate in the prestigious Reb Concours in Rome: want to find out which car? Read the news!

The Colosseum, the Appian Way, the archaeological wonders of the Eternal City.

The "Rome Eternal Beauties" (Reb Concours) dedicated to historic cars returns on June 7 and 8, and the real news is that our Museum will also be among the participants!

In fact, this year's event will feature cars from the Mauto - Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile, the Brescia Museum dedicated to the Mille Miglia from the Nicolis Museum in Verona and, of course, also from the Fratelli Cozzi Museum.

Awarding prizes to automobiles will be done not by great motoring experts, but by judges chosen from citizens and institutional figures, based on a single factor: the emotion aroused in them by individual models.

Isn't it wonderful?

In addition, our director Elisabetta Cozzi will participate with the other representatives of the three museums (Ilaria Pani, head of the Mauto documentation center, Silvia Nicolis, director of the Nicolis Museum, and Maria Bussolati, director of the Mille Miglia Museum) in the round table discussion "The automobile is feminine": the meeting will also feature Giuseppina Fusco, president of Aci Roma , and will be moderated by Alessia Lautone, director of the LaPresse news agency.



The Museum will participate in the event with the Alfa 155 Q4 specially modified and upgraded to 365hp to win, in 1992, the speed record for the G/PS category by speeding across the Bonneville (Utah) salt lake at nearly 300 km/h.

A unique piece that for us is charged with emotion-the same emotion we would like to convey not only to the jury but to all the participants in the event. 

The 155 is not the only unique piece in the Museum: there is also the Giulia TI Super, the only one of the 500s made painted "London smoke" color. Every now and then we like to remember this precisely because, for us, emotion is as important as the technical side of cars, if not more so!


To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Constitution's enactment, there will also be an "Article 16" award to be given by constitutionalist Alfonso Celotto based on his preferences on the "right to movement."

Also on the program is the 90th anniversary celebration of the National Auto Museum in Turin, with the meeting "At the Wheel of Italian Ingenuity." Mauto President Benedetto Camerana will chair the competition jury. He will be in charge of choosing the "Beautiful as Rome" car.

How will it go? We will find out in the June newsletter!

Thanks from us to Antonella and Francesco Arcieri!

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