schools contest: here is the winner! 

June 5, 2023

Winning the first contest dedicated to schools is the Carlo Dell'Acqua Institute in Legnano: congratulations!

More than 1,200 views of the videos on YouTube and about 1,000 voters: these numbers tell the story of the success of the first contest organized by the Friends of Fratelli Cozzi Museum Association, with the support of Ticino Olona Community Foundation, dedicated to schools in the area, with the initiative "Sustainable Mobility for Gen Z." A reflection that involved male and female students in imagining the future of mobility.

Four institutions participated: the Carlo Dell'Acqua Institute in Legnano, the Liceo d'Arconate and d'Europa in Arconate, the Enrico Fermi Institute in Castellanza, and the Giuseppe Torno Institute in Castano Primo.

Winning, according to the preferences of those who voted online, was the Carlo Dell'Acqua Institute with 46.9 percent of the vote. 

"The numbers we have achieved are very important and testify to the strong impact our project has had on the local community, said Elisabetta Cozzi, director of the Fratelli Cozzi Museum and president of the Friends of Fratelli Cozzi Museum Association -. But what makes this initiative significant is the opportunity to hear the point of view of the younger generations; they are the ones who will live the future of mobility!"

Thus, the main purpose of the contest was to give voice to male and female students, allowing them to freely express their expectations, wishes, proposals and concerns regarding the mobility of the future. The videos produced offer a general look at these issues, but more importantly a valuable, useful and specific look at the cities in our area.

"We gathered a wealth of knowledge and ideas through the videos produced by the participants - added Elisabetta Cozzi -. To ensure maximum accessibility, all the videos will be available on the Cozzi Brothers Museum YouTube channel and blog and also in our digital archive, remaining accessible to anyone who wants to learn more about this topic."

In addition, in the new school year, theFriends of Museo Fratelli Cozzi association will organize an award ceremony for all participants-the event will also be an opportunity to involve new schools and students in this journey.

This is the statement of Professor Fabrizio Pastori of Castano Primo's Torno Institute: "Projects like these challenge kids in a different way than in regular classes. Reasoning by objectives is the working reality outside of school. Getting used to doing this already in the classroom is an added value. Thanks to these projects, you discover qualities and talents in kids that you don't expect. Kids who struggle during the year in school subjects are transformed (in a positive way) when they have to invent something. 

It is indeed true that energies must be channeled and not stifled.

I also really enjoyed the afternoon presentation of the project, where the children also tried their hand at public speaking.

It was a comprehensive project: data research and analysis, problem solving, in-person communication, and communication via a video.

Very well thought out and organized on your part. To you my compliments. Thank you for involving us. "

Our thanks go to the Ticino Olona Community Foundation for its valuable support of this project and to Laura Lavizzari for her ongoing relationship management and liaison with schools and children. 

"È an immense pleasure to work with such motivated and sensitive people - said Laura Lavizzari, project and school relations consultant for Friends of Museo Fratelli Cozzi-. We all learned something more about an extremely topical issue. Very exciting to see the boys and girls working in groups with goals to pursue together to give a common voice to their points of view. What a great energy!"

Watch the winning video below!

Schools have confirmed that all participants or parents of the boys and girls featured in the videos have given privacy releases and that the images and music used in the projects are not copyrighted.