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27th February, 2024


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Two fans and two collections: CulturAlfa is born

Two great fans of the House of the Biscione meet and something special is born: the new CulturAlfa project.

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Progetto scuole Gen z

The new project with schools: “The gender gap for Gen z”

Here at the Museum we always promote culture, change and inclusion. Here is the new project with local schools, thanks to the Ticino Olona Foundation.

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Alfa Romeo Arna

Arna Ti with MuseoCity 2024: a journey to a distant world

40 years of Arna TI: the birth and characteristics of the most international Alfa Romeo ever. Thanks to the collaboration with Profumo di Alfa and the touch of Davide da Fidel

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Donazioni Alfa Romeo

A simple “thank you” is not enough: your donations make us happy!

Thanks to you enthusiasts, the Museum receives some valuable new items. Would you like to find out what they are? Read the article and virtually immerse yourself in the archive.

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rassegna stampa giugno

The 100 years of the City of Legnano: a celebration at the Museum.

A real honor to be chosen as the location to kick off the City of Legnano’s centennial celebration and to discover the dedicated logo.

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