Valentina Ribaudo


Prof.ssa Elena Tramacere


Elisabetta Cozzi


The aim is to promote the recovery of local traditions and historical memory, linked to the automotive industry and manufacturing culture of the Alto Milanese..

The project aims at the effective integration between the industrial/production dimension and the school world, in order to experiment in particular "good practices", as well as to build and refine effective training models for professional integration, which allow students to :

  • to orientate oneself with respect to the choice of professional areas of different types through direct experience;
  • discover and consolidate the knowledge of local and territorial professional vocations

The replicability is configured as one of the cornerstones of the design experience, through the systematic collection and rationalization of "products", as well as the "processes" of construction of the project.


The students were engaged in classroom and internship teaching activities; the class operated in the SENSITIVITY dimension, working in a cooperative mode on the theme of Italian car museums linked to prestigious car manufacturers, so as to be able to more fully evaluate the museum reality of FRATELLI COZZI.

In this direction, Museo FRATELLI COZZI has promoted a series of interventions ad hoc The course was held in the classroom and at its own premises, so as to give concrete form to formative experiences of profound value; moreover, it started an internship activity that involved some students of the class in question.


Student visit to the Museum
Testimony of the Museum at the school

Museum internship for two students


Project completion

Internship days

Pupils involved

Documents produced

Ribaudo Valentina


My work experience at the Cozzi Brothers' Alfa Romeo Museum has been rewarding. Alternating school-work at the Museum very fresh and youthful at the same time, I changed my mind towards these school experiences since I am a young student of the Liceo Linguistico and I didn't think at all to use languages and to do jobs that didn't concern my specific study address. I put my language skills to the test and showed myself my abilities both in the linguistic field and also in work and doing specific tasks. I hope to have another experience at the Museum in the future.


Documents produced by the students

IFS Museums Presentation

Presentation in Spanish

Presentation in German

Woman In Power

Commentary by the Museum Director

From the very beginning Valentina has shown great initiative and propensity for the widest collaboration.

He has always acted responsibly by performing his assigned tasks in an excellent manner, respecting the rules and demonstrating autonomy and initiative. He produced two texts, one in Spanish and the other in German (under the supervision of his teachers) which were used to create an email contact with some clubs, museums and tourism organizations in these countries.

She has produced a document in which she highlights her views on the world of women and gender equality, both in general terms and with specific reference to the automotive world.

He collaborated with the archivist of the Museum, with an activity useful for the digitization of the documents of the Cozzi-Lab (hereinafter the specific comment of the person in charge of archiving).

Elisabetta Cozzi