An Exclusive Location for Private Parties in Como

Are you planning a private party in Como? The locations, traffic and availability of exclusive spaces can be challenging. Are you tired of classic lakeside villas and want a more original private party location? We propose an alternative solution, combining automotive charm with timeless elegance. The Fratelli Cozzi Museum in Legnano is a unique location for private parties, an enchanting place where automotive history blends with Italian design, creating an unforgettable experience for any special occasion. And it is easily accessible from the city of Como and its surroundings.

Why choose the Museum

Whether it's a birthday, an exclusive event, or a private ceremony, the Cozzi Brothers Museum offers an enchanting setting and solves the challenges of city or lakeside locations. Not only do we keep extraordinary classic cars, but we customize each party to your needs, providing a unique and engaging atmosphere.

Catering, arrangements, buffets, entertainment-every service for your guests will be tailored to your wishes to give them a truly special evening they will not forget. You can choose from formal dinners, more dynamic events, intimate moments with your loved ones or private parties with all your friends, acquaintances and colleagues. In any case, the location remains exclusive because we open only at events and there will be no other guests not involved in your party.

Unique experiences for your guests

By choosing the Museum as your location for private parties in Como, you guarantee an exclusive space where you and your guests will be the stars. We open only for private events, allowing guided tours, the driving of our vintage cars to lakes and other locations, and unique moments in an enchanting atmosphere. We customize the experience to fit your preferences and needs, offering catering services, entertainment, custom arrangements , and the convenience of a large parking lot in front of the entrance

Every element of the party is taken care of down to the smallest detail by a passionate and knowledgeable staff who will ensure the comfort of you and your guests at all times. Thus you will be assured of a curated, personalized and truly special event.

Versatility for every type of event

Birthdays, celebrations, graduations and corporate events find an enchanting backdrop in the Museum. The combination of personal emotion and Italian design history creates lasting memories for all participants. Conferences, informal gatherings, and full-fledged parties suit our curated rooms decorated to your taste

If you want to celebrate a professional milestone, this is the right venue where success and passion are true protagonists. For a ceremony such as birthdays and celebrations, on the other hand, the key is the original location combined with a personal setting that reflects the celebrants.

Personalized services and carefree parties

Are you afraid that organizing a private party includes a lot more effort and time than you can offer? No problem: entrust the entire organization to the Cozzi Brothers Museum.

The Museum offers a wide range of services, passionately curated to ensure a unique experience and impeccable service for all participants. From catering services to audiovisual equipment, everything is designed to match your desires: the moments created in the Museum are unique and unrepeatable elsewhere because other party locations in Como do not have the unforgettable atmosphere that we can create

Contact the museum and book your party

The Museum's strategic location makes it a perfect location for private parties in Como, easy to reach and away from Lake traffic. Contact us to organize a unique and impressive event. The Fratelli Cozzi Museum is ready to welcome you and turn your party into a truly special moment.

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