Event locations in Varese

For fans of automobiles and design, the Fratelli Cozzi Museum in Legnano, in the province of Varese, offers an extraordinary opportunity for unforgettable corporate events. Situated in a key location, the Museum combines motoring with elegance, guaranteeing impeccable service to all guests and an evening organized exclusively for the company. In fact, the Museum is open exclusively for private events, thus giving an exclusive and memorable moment to all guests

Event location in Varese: a magical place

The Fratelli Cozzi Museum houses vintage Alfa Romeos spanning 60 years of Italian history. It is an ideal location for corporate events in Varese because it is easily accessible and truly unique. Not many museums open their doors to the organization of events in Varese and province. Our rooms offer perfect spaces for meetings, dinners and team meetings, transporting participants into an atmosphere that tells the story of Italian design and the automotive industry.

Stepping through the doors of the Museum, one is greeted by automotive art embodied by historic cars from the 1950s to the present. The beauty and history of these treasures, collected with passion by our founder, offer an engaging experience for those who love cars and beyond. This is why we are a great location for events in Varese: we tell about cars, but also about design, passion, culture and Italian history that will surely inspire your guests as well.

Event organization in Varese and province

Treat your employees and associates to a unique experience by choosing the Fratelli Cozzi Museum as a location for corporate events in Varese . Ideal for those looking for original locations, the Museum has spaces suitable for any type of event and therefore brings together the best our province has to offer. Choose the halls as a location for shootings in Varese, getting out of Milan even for the most fashionable events.

Or locate in the halls full of vintage automobiles the perfect location for meetings in and around Varese. All you need to do is choose the date and the room: we can take care of the catering for the corporate lunch or dinner, arrange a small stage for speakers, offer space for presentations, video conferences and round tables . Thanks to our agreements with companies in the industry, we have catering, entertainment, and space set-up services tailored to your needs. Our amenities include ample parking in front of the entrance at your complete disposal.

Unique ceremony locations in Varese

Did you know that at the Fratelli Cozzi Museum you can also hold a ceremony? A location for special events in Varese that will allow you to pamper your guests with unforgettable experiences. An aperitif among vintage cars and the opportunity to drive them to fascinating locations, a guided tour of the wonders of Italian design, and a dinner among the best examples of Alfa Romeos will make the event truly memorable. 

Also as a ceremony location in Varese, we have the possibility to customize the rooms and offer organizers all the services useful to make guests feel at ease. Live music, entertainment, exquisite food and arrangements that match the beauty and elegant lines of our cars, retro or contemporary atmospheres devoted to design.

Cozzi Museum, the special location in Varese for cultural events

The Fratelli Cozzi Museum in Legnano (Varese, Italy) presents itself as an extraordinary location for cultural events. In addition to being a tribute to historic motoring, its unique atmosphere lends itself perfectly to hosting cultural events of various kinds.

We offer an exclusive and engaging setting convenient to reach for events throughout the province of Varese and throughout the region. Our rooms accommodate conferences, corporate dinners and meetings, immersed in the history of Italian motoring. The location in Legnano guarantees a unique experience, far from the city chaos and original compared to classic villas and corporate dinner restaurants.

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