Exclusive Location for Private Parties in Milan

A private party in the heart of Milan can be complicated to organize. You have to take into account the cost of locations, city traffic, the difficulty of getting to the party venue, and the difficulty of having your own venue. That's why we propose an alternative location for private parties in the province of Milan, where the allure of motoring blends with timeless elegance. The Fratelli Cozzi Museum in Legnano represents a unique and striking location for private parties. In this enchanting place, design and automotive history come together, creating an unforgettable experience for any special occasion.

Why the Museum is a perfect setting

Whether you are planning a birthday, exclusive event or private ceremony, or looking for a corporate party location in Milan, Museo Fratelli Cozzi offers an enchanting setting and spares you many of the difficulties you would encounter in the city center. Not only do we keep extraordinary vintage cars, offering you the opportunity to drive them by arranging tours to unique locations, but we turn every party into an unforgettable moment, customized to your needs.

Imagine celebrating immersed in the exciting atmosphere of Italian automotive history. Framed by the elegance of Italian design, our spaces welcome each event with class, offering inspiration to make every moment memorable. Each car exhibited tells a compelling story, combining the artistry of Italian designers and passion for motoring.

Unique experiences for your guests

By choosing the Fratelli Cozzi Museum as a location for private parties in and around Milan, you are assured that the space will be all yours. We open only for private events, so the rooms will be available to your guests for guided tours of the cars on display and unique moments to spend in this beautiful atmosphere.

Despite the uniqueness of this private party location, you can still customize the experience so that it matches your preferences and needs. In fact, we offer catering services, set-ups, entertainment, the convenience of a large parking lot in front of the entrance,and other goodies that will make the party unique and truly yours in every way.

Fratelli Cozzi Museum, the location for all kinds of parties in Milan

Birthdays, celebrations and graduations find the Museum an enchanting backdrop to celebrate these special moments with your guests. The combination of excitement and history creates indelible memories, giving a unique experience for both the celebrants and their loved ones. The same is true if you choose the Museum as a location for corporate events in Milan-your employees will have a unique experience. 

You can choose to give them a private tour of the cars on display, organize a dinner among vintage pieces that span the history of made-in-Italy design, or choose the combination you prefer. Conferences, informal meetings and real parties find space in the curated rooms specially decorated according to your taste.

Customized services

The Museum offers a wide range of services to make every event extraordinary, perfectly matching your wishes. From catering services to audiovisual equipment, from entertainment to room and table settings, everything is passionately curated to ensure an unparalleled experience.

We are certain that the unique moments created inside the Fratelli Cozzi Museum are not repeatable in any other party location in and around Milan. Don't believe us? Stop by or contact us to find out how to make your party special.

Contact the museum and plan your party

Our strategic location makes the Fratelli Cozzi Museum a perfect venue for private parties in Milan and the surrounding area in which the protagonists want to stand out. Contact us today to organize an unforgettable private party in a unique and striking location. The Museum is ready to welcome you and turn your event into a truly special moment.

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