Location for private and exclusive parties

Welcome to the enchanting place where automotive glamour blends with timeless elegance. Our private party location is a well-kept secret in the heart of Legnano, an oasis where design and automotive history meet to create a unique experience. The Fratelli Cozzi Museum opens its doors exclusively for those who wish to celebrate special moments in an unparalleled setting.

The Museum, the perfect setting for your private parties

If you're looking for the perfect venue for a birthday, an exclusive party, or a private event that will leave a lasting impression, you've come to the right place. Our Museum is not only a treasure trove of extraordinary vintage cars, but an enchanting location in which to create lasting memories. Imagine celebrating with friends, family or colleagues immersed in the exciting atmosphere of Italian automotive history.

Framed by the elegance of Italian design and creativity, our spaces welcome all kinds of events with class. Whether it is a party, an exclusive reception or a unique occasion, here you will find inspiration to make every moment memorable. Each car displayed tells a compelling story, combining the artistry of Italian designers and our founder's timeless passion for motoring.

An unforgettable experience for your guests

When you choose the Cozzi Brothers Museum as the location for a private party, you give your guests a unique experience. Ideal for those looking for a special and distinctive place to celebrate unique moments in their lives.Our rooms are perfect for hosting private parties of all kinds, as we offer the perfect setting for an evening they won't be able to forget.

Not only that, we are ready to customize every detail of the event to suit your needs . From decorations, to space layout, to high-quality catering service-everything will be taken care of with the utmost attention by the Museum's staff to ensure an unparalleled experience. We also ensure complete convenience with our large parking lot located in front of the entrance.

Birthdays, anniversaries and graduations at the Museum

Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations at a museum is an original choice to distinguish yourself on these special occasions. By combining the museum's design and art with significant moments in your life, you will create a link between your history and that of Italy as a whole. Birthdays shrouded in an aura of historical beauty, themed anniversaries framed by the elegance of the cars on display and reflecting the passion and interests of the celebrants. Graduations, symbols of success and commitment, find in the museum a backdrop capable of inspiring toward the highest peaks of made in Italy

These moments become even more special thanks to the evocative setting of the Museum, where every corner is an invitation to explore and celebrate the beauty as well as the success and wonder of successive generations. The combination of excitement and history creates indelible memories, providing a unique experience for both celebrants and guests. Celebrating these occasions in the fascinating setting of the Museum makes each event memorable and extraordinary and helps personalize the celebration to the choices and desires of the celebrants.

All services offered by the Museum

The Museum offers a wide range of services to make every event an extraordinary experience. Its versatility makes it an extraordinary party venue, an ideal place to celebrate, ceremonies, special gatherings, milestones and achievements with your loved ones. Our dedicated team is ready to customize every detail to meet the specific needs of each event. From high-quality catering services that embrace the diverse culinary preferences of our guests, to decorations that transform exhibition spaces into magical settings to suit every theme, we offer comprehensive support.

Our rooms are equipped with the best audiovisual and technological equipment to entertain guests, ensuring a welcoming environment in which to joyfully celebrate each event. We offer exclusive guided tours among the cars on display, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in Italian automotive history during their events and offering them the opportunity to drive them to unique locations. Flexibility in event design allows us to adapt to specific requests, turning every celebration into an unparalleled experience at our striking party venue.

Contact our party location

Our strategic location makes it easy for you to reach us from every corner of Lombardy. We are a short distance from Milan, Varese, Como, Novara and other neighboring cities such as Castellanza, Busto Arsizio, Lainate, Rho, Origgio and many others. Plan your private party with us now, at the exclusive venue where every detail is passionately taken care of to make your evening a triumph of elegance and style.

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