Event locations in Milan

If you are passionate about automobiles and design, the Fratelli Cozzi Museum has a special occasion in store for you.The corporate event location of your dreams exists, and it is located in Legnano, a short distance from Milan. Imagine holding your next corporate event in a place where automotive history is intertwined with attentive service down to the smallest detail.Our museum opens its doors exclusively for those who want private events, guaranteeing a unique and exciting experience.

Fratelli Cozzi Museum: a location for corporate events in Milan

Our museum is not only a custodian of extraordinary classic cars, but the ideal stage for corporate events in and around Milan of great charm and characterized by a unique atmosphere. The rooms offer the perfect space for team meetings, corporate dinners and other special occasions, immersing participants in an environment that tells the story of Italian design and the automotive industry.

When you walk through the doors of our museum, you are immersed in a world where automotive art takes center stage. Our founder's passion for Alfa Romeo and its history is palpable in every corner, with historic cars from the 1950s to the present. We share the beauty and history of these treasures with our guests, creating an engaging and exciting experience for all who attend a corporate event in Milan at this location. Just outside the city chaos, immersed in the beauty of Italian design history. You cannot give your employees, collaborators and partners a better gift.

Events with employees and contractors, all services

By holding your event at the Cozzi Brothers Museum, you give your employees and associates a unique experience . Ideal for the HR department of companies looking for a special venue, our museum offers ideal spaces for conferences, meetings and corporate dinners. Legends of Italian motoring and design become a source of inspiration, spurring you and your company to always do better.

We know that organizing corporate events in Milan is complicated. There are many locations, countless offers, and for each one you have to consider traffic, parking, catering cost, and event details. With us, you don't have to worry about anything. We are flexible and ready to create a customized experience for your company. From catering to decorating, music to entertainment, corporate dinners in Milan on location have never been easier.

We offer guided tours among and the opportunity to drive classic cars to beautiful locations, creative team building sessions, and thematic events tailored to you and your guests. You won't have to worry about parking either: ours is very spacious and located right in front of the entrance.

Strategic location for events in Milan and beyond

Our location in Legnano makes usalocation for events for companies in Milan who want to get away from the city without going too far. We offer an exclusive location with attention to detail to ensure a memorable experience. Contact us now to plan your next corporate event at the Fratelli Cozzi Museum. 

The Museum as a location for shoots and fashion shows in Milan

Steeped in the elegance of vintage cars and the history of Italian automotive design, the Fratelli Cozzi Museum in Legnano offers a unique backdrop for photo shoots and fashion shows in Milan. The timeless lines of the iconic vintage cars and the enveloping atmosphere of the Museum create an evocative setting for photo shoots and fashion presentations. Thus it becomes the perfect alternative as a location for fashion shows of Milan Fashion Week and the many related events.

The Museum's originality, combined with its rich and fascinating history, lends a distinctive and sophisticated touch to any photographic production, fashion show, or moment of culture in which the city of Milan is often the protagonist. Choose it as a location for photographic exhibitions in Milan during Design Week or other important moments that draw lovers of culture and beauty from all over the world.

Organize a sustainable event and support culture

How often in HR meetings, when you need to organize Christmas dinner or team building, do you wonder if you can take advantage of a sustainable location in Milan? In addition to reducing the environmental impact of employee travel if you choose a nearby location, you can also support community and culture by choosing a location in Milan for events such as the Fratelli Cozzi Museum. 

In fact, by choosing this magical place as a location for corporate meetings in and around Milan, you choose to invest in made-in-Italy culture. Supporting the Museum means supporting the whole chain of Italian culture, strengthening the perception of Italian design in the eyes of foreign guests and giving a moment of knowledge and involvement to employees and collaborators.

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