Karina Kotandzhyan

Valentina Danieli



Prof. Mariangela Rececconi


Elisabetta Cozzi


The project aims to stimulate the attention of young students to issues related to the world of finance and entrepreneurship through the direct testimony of bank managers and local entrepreneurs, allowing them to:

  • Bringing the world of education and the world of work together
  • Stimulating students' interest
  • Helping students to make a more informed choice for the future
  • Enhancing students' lifelong learning skills



Thanks to this project the students were able to:

  • Getting to know the productive realities of excellence in the area;
  • To carry out activities to analyse the skills required by companies in order to help schools' educational programmes meet professional demand;
  • Promote the implementation of training experiences designed jointly by companies and schools;
  • Delivering an innovative training experience geared towards the development of financial and entrepreneurial skills;
  • Raising awareness of the value of the area's historical, cultural and industrial heritage.


Museum internship for two students


Project completion

Internship days

Pupils involved

Documents produced

Karina Kotandzhyan


As part of the school-to-work alternation project, from 5 to 23 February I went to the Fratelli Cozzi Alfa Romeo car museum in Legnano.

This gave me an insight into the history of a prestigious Italian motoring brand and a well-established company, the Fratelli Cozzi dealership. The museum was born thanks to the initiative of Dr. Pietro Cozzi, the current owner, who, in order to indulge his passion for the Alfa Romeo brand, decided to collect, from the 1950s onwards, a model chosen from among the brand's most prestigious, thus reaching a collection of 60 cars, which allowed the museum, currently managed by his daughter Elisabetta, to be opened in 2015.

Before starting the internship, I had many fears that I would be destined to do boring and unrewarding work. These fears turned out to be unfounded as, with the help of Dr Elisabetta Cozzi, I attended interesting meetings and events. In addition, I had the opportunity to carry out filing tasks and telephone and direct contacts with clients, which enabled me to overcome my natural shyness. Another important moment for me was when I was invited to write a PowerPoint presentation on the topic of female stereotypes.

I can therefore say that the experience was useful for my personal and cultural growth, and for all this I thank the people who made this experience possible: Dr. Pietro Cozzi, Dr. Elisabetta Cozzi, Dr. Laura Defendi and all the staff at the dealership.

Karina Kotandzhyan


Valentina Danieli


Before starting the three-week period at the Fratelli Cozzi Museum, I thought I would have a not so interesting experience.
This period of school-to-work alternation was useful to learn about the world of work and especially the history of how the museum was born and developed. I have never been a car enthusiast, but seeing the passion of Dr Elisabetta Cozzi and Dr Pietro Cozzi, allowed me to get to know such an important Italian brand as Alfa Romeo.
During this time, my partner and I worked on the creation of a power point presentation, did archiving work on images and books in the museum's collection and, thanks to Dr Elisabetta Cozzi, took part in meetings and events. 

Documents produced by the students

Women & Motors

Digitising book covers and indexes

Photo digitisation

Commentary by the Head of Archives

Valentina and Karina took care of the digitisation of the museum's covers and the printing of the books.
of the indexes of books in the Cozzi.Lab.
This work was used to link the image to the monographs' cataloguing sheet in the catalogue.
of the archiving software and for future use on the website. In reality they have only minimally completed
part of the task assigned to them. Out of a total of 156 volumes they photographed 52 covers with
related indices.

Marta Bianchi