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Conception, design, implementation of a visit to the museum/archive led by teenagers and aimed at teenagers to be held during the Week of Corporate Culture (November 2019) with the creation of a calendar of initiatives "Week for teens". Teens will have to be supervised by a tutor from the museum/archives but will be able to express maximum freedom in the creation of the format of the guided tour. During spring 2019, assisted by the tutor, they will discover all the phases in which a cultural institution's enhancement activity is composed: knowledge of the museum/archive, identification of the brand and/or institution's communication strategies, planning of the activity, drafting of the budget, the complete programme, the necessary materials and, last but not least, the communication campaign. SKILLS - To implement flexible learning methods from a cultural and educational point of view, with respect to the outcomes of the second cycle, systematically linking classroom training with practical experience. - To favour the orientation of young people in order to enhance their personal vocations, interests and individual learning styles - To enrich the training acquired in the scholastic courses with the acquisition of skills that can also be used in the job market


During the training course (preparatory to the realization of the guided tour), students have experienced issues related to: content management both independently and in groups, team organization, public speaking, problem solving aimed at stimulating in them a reflection on how to approach the world of work. With these premises, the students organized guided tours designed primarily for their peers, but open to a transversal audience. The visit experience organized with the University for Adults was extraordinary, where information and memories created strong emotions for both students and visitors.  


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Class 4 F Tur

Alegnani Simone, Benatti Alessia, Croci Alissa, Deluca Viola, Bellapianta Gaia, Mazza Rosa, Mazza Paolo, Marastoni Luca, Tripepi Luca, Pungitore Noemi, Lanzillotta Rebecca, Yaddehige Chiara

Class 4 A Tur


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