Andrea Meddi

Gabriele Fortuna



Prof.ssa Minnie Ferrara


Elisabetta Cozzi


The aim is to concretely support the activity of valorising the excellence and a point of reference for the community that the Fratelli Cozzi Museum has become in a short time, supporting both its cultural mission towards schools and institutions and its mission towards companies and agencies for the organisation of events and, last but not least, the one dedicated to fans of the four-leaf clover that the Alfa Romeo sports heart beats in the chest. All this through the creation of audio-visual supports and ad hoc multimedia products, intended for different platforms such as websites and social web, involving students in the 2nd year of directing.


The students made a series of "shorts" and then created a Web-Series of the history of the Museum's founder and his cars.
The result is a fresh and captivating story that will be disseminated through social networks to the public of enthusiasts.
These videos are now part of the Museum's archive and documentation.


Meeting at the Institute

Pietro and Elisabetta Cozzi presented the Brand and the Project to the students. During the breafing phase, the heads of the Fratelli Cozzi Museum exposed their requests and needs, giving the guidelines for the realization of the final product.

Student visit to the Museum

Visit of the spaces by the students involved in the project, accompanied by tutor Aldo Pavoni, for an inspection prior to the organization of the shooting.

Museum internship for two students
  • Filming done independently by the students
  • Assembly and final realization of the clips for web and digital communication.
  • Creation of the Museum Youtube channel


Project completion

Internship days

Pupils involved

Documents produced

Andrea Meddi


Working for the Fratelli Cozzi Museum has been a very rewarding experience.
I had the opportunity to put my knowledge into practice to offer, together with my partner Gabriele, a service with which I hope the employees of the company are satisfied.
To come into contact with a historical reality like Alfa Romeo, through the passion of Peter and Elizabeth, was certainly a fundamental incipit that allowed me to find the right sensitivity to tell, through the creation of a Web-Series, the story of the founder of the Museum and the dealer Fratelli Cozzi.
The helpfulness and kindness of the staff has helped to create a truly serene and productive working environment that has allowed me to live each day of work with determination and determination.
I am satisfied with the work done and happy to have discovered in this context a reality that was almost unknown to me.

Gabriele Fortuna


My experience at the Fratelli Cozzi Museum was a pleasant surprise.
I have never been a great car enthusiast, but the contact with the passion and dedication of Elisabetta, Pietro and all the people who work at the museum allowed me to know and appreciate an Italian excellence like Alfa Romeo.
The project immediately proved to be interesting and stimulating. With the help of Elisabetta, my partner Andrea and I decided to shoot a miniseries about the founder of the museum, Pietro Cozzi, and the unique and particular stories that only he can tell about the cars on display here.
It has been a pleasure and an honour to help transmit and preserve the memories and emotions that Pietro has collected over all these years. There would be many other stories to tell, but time has not allowed us to do so.
I hope to come back and have the chance to tell more stories about this unique and fascinating world that is Alfa Romeo.

Documents produced by the students

Commentary by the Museum Director

Gathering the stories of the Founder, grasping his looks, his gestures, his words was no easy task. Andrea and Gabriele captured all this with great sensitivity, they enhanced it with music and editing and concentrated in a few minutes of true passion and emotion.

Elisabetta Cozzi